Mercedes-Benz European Delivery Program

Unparalleled Vehicle Purchase Experience

We are pleased to offer you a unique experience unlike any other: driving your Mercedes-Benz in the heart of Europe, exploring the snow-capped mountains, quaint European towns or even the thrill of the Autobahn in the birthplace of your very own Mercedes-Benz. Experience the best of this finely crafted automobile while saving up to 7% of your vehicle's MSRP*, depending on the model.

*Discounts vary by model.

Your European Getaway

Professional travel assistance from Mercedes-Benz helps you customize your experience to fit your tastes and preferences. A tour of the factory at Sindelfingen or Bremen is followed by delivery of your vehicle. Then you are off on your European adventure with a full tank of gas, fifteen days of European road insurance, and all vehicle shipping and handling expenses settled in advance.  Upon your return, simply leave your Mercedes-Benz at one of several designated drop-off points and you and your vehicle will be reunited at Sewell.

Your experience includes:

  • $200 Delta Travel Voucher towards air transportation
  • One night hotel accommodation in a luxurious hotel in Stuttgart
  • MBUSA travel assistance for hotel and airline reservations
  • Sindelfingen Factory Tour
  • Two tickets to Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • 15 days of European road insurance
  • Vehicle transportation to the selected U.S. dealer
  • Breakfast or lunch at the Delivery Center
  • Two taxi coupons for ride from airport or main railroad station to the Delivery Center or hotel
  • Full tank of fuel
  • Marine Insurance
  • Destination charge is waived
  • 15 days zero-deductible insurance

For more information, including information on drop-off points or frequently asked questions, please click here or speak with a Sewell associate.

Sewell Service

The team at Sewell will be pleased to welcome you and your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle home to Texas, and we will be committed to you and your vehicle throughout your ownership experience. No matter where your adventures continue to take you, we are here for you with our obsession with service. We can't wait to hear about your European experience, and to see pictures of your luxury vehicle in its birthplace.

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