The Importance of Oil Changes

Under the hood of your Mercedes-Benz is a powerful engine. That engine gets you wherever you want to go, and it gets you there quickly as well. However, while the engine in your Mercedes-Benz is powerful, it still needs your help to keep it running properly. In order to keep your engine healthy, you need to regularly change its oil.

In order to understand the importance of oil changes, you need to know what oil does in the first place. The engine in your Mercedes-Benz is composed of many different moving parts all working in harmony. As your engine runs, those moving parts generate both friction and heat. If left alone, this would cause your engine to overheat, and would cause the parts to break down. Engine oil lubricates your engine, reducing friction between the moving parts, and even carrying away the heat they generate. However, that oil doesn't last forever. Eventually all that heat causes the oil to break down. It slowly ceases to perform as effectively, and if ignored for too long, it can even form a thick sludge and clog your engine! It's important to change your oil before that can happen. You should change it roughly every six months, or every 5,000 miles, whichever comes first. Changing your oil might sound like a pain, but remember: changing your oil is a lot easier than changing your engine.

If it's about that time again, schedule an appointment with our service center today. We'll have your oil changed in no time at all. At Mercedes-Benz of West Houston, we're here to help you keep your Mercedes-Benz running like a dream for many years down the line.

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