The New Mercedes-Benz GLE Delivers the Innovations that Drivers Demand

When you drive home in a new luxury, you can count on an excellent experience. The question that many drivers have to ask themselves though, is what kind of excellence they're you're for? Is it a luxury vehicle couched in the same-old-same-old? Or do you want a luxury model that works to be better by investing in new ideas? The new Mercedes-Benz GLE sits firmly in the latter category.

A New Model Invested in Innovation

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The Mercedes-Benz GLE is a five-seat luxury SUV. That, of course, is putting it in the simplest terms. Thanks to the efforts of its engineers, it's also a modern vehicle designed to deliver some major innovations. Here's a bit of what it brings to the table.

  • E-Active Body Control: This system provides a networked hydropneumatic active suspension system on a 48-volt platform. The SUV's damping forces can be controlled down to the individual wheel. This helps the Mercedes-Benz GLE handle better, while also countering potential body rolls.
  • Advanced All-Wheel Drive: The new Mercedes-Benz employs one of the finest all-wheel-drive systems on the market, improving its performance in harsh conditions.
  • Active Stop-and-Go Assist and Turn-Off: Active Stop-and-Go Assist helps the driver with assistance options that make it easier to navigate stop-and-go traffic jams. Turn-Off functionality, meanwhile, can recognize if you're going to collide with another vehicle while turning through their path and apply the brakes at low speeds.
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The best part? These only represent a small piece of what the new Mercedes-Benz GLE has to offer. To learn more about everything it has to offer, contact the sales team at Mercedes-Benz of West Houston. Our dealership in Houston, TX has a thorough selection of new Mercedes-Benz models that we'd love to show you.

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