Most Common Mercedes-Benz Warning Lights

Quick question: what do you do if one of the lights on your dashboard lights up? If you answered, "ignore it and hope it goes away," or "cover it with a piece of tape," you should keep reading. Dashboard lights are your vehicle's way of telling you something is wrong. Each one has its own purpose, and warns about a different kind of problem, but they all have one thing in common: they should not be ignored.

One of the most common lights is the "check engine" light. This is a general-purpose light; if it is lit up, there could be any number of problems. A service expert will plug a diagnostic tool into your Mercedes-Benz, which will reveal the problem. If you have a diagnostic tool of your own, you can find out the problem yourself.

Another common light is the tire pressure warning light. This light means that the air pressure in one of your tires is too low, and it needs a little extra air. If your tires are underinflated, too much of the tire's surface area touches the road. This increases friction, and can damage the tire, so make sure to fill it up again.

A third common engine light is the oil pressure warning light. If this one shows up, it means that your engine is running low on oil. It could also mean that there's something wrong with your vehicle's oil pressure system.

These are just a few of the potential lights on your dashboard. When your warning lights light up, it's important to have them fixed by an expert. Schedule an appointment with us, and one of our expert Mercedes-Benz technicians will have you fixed up in no time.

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