The brand new 2018 E-Class Coupe is positively dripping with breathtaking qualities, but the thing that has our jaws on the floor here at Mercedes-Benz of West Houston is its stunning list of standard high-tech safety features. These safety measures help you stay secure on the road, all the while helping you retain your peace of mind every time you take the wheel. Not only that, but some of them feel like they came right out of science-fiction.

We'll do our best to break some of our favorite features down.

Car-to-X Communication

Cars with this feature can communicate with each other to warn drivers of nearby hazards. Your E-Class Coupe can automatically relay a warning to a central notification system of dangerous road situations. If it detects wheelspin or that you've engaged your hazard flashers or windshield wipers, other nearby drivers with Car-to-X Communication will receive an alert warning them of a potential hazard via announcements or displays in the dash before they even reach it.


This safety system is designed specifically to help protect your hearing in a collision. If the PRE-SAFE sensors detect a possible collision, the audio system will emit a pink noise tone. Pink noise is similar to white noise, but this tone is set at a specific frequency to trigger a reflex in the human ear canal that helps to block out loud noises. This preemptive measure can help save your hearing in the event of an accident.

Crosswind Assist

This feature takes information from your coupe's Electronic Stability Program, suspension sensors, and electric power steering to help you stay on track when strong side winds try to blow you over on the highway. If the wind blowing across the road is particularly aggressive or a passing truck creates a gust, this system cleverly brakes the wheels on one side of your car to help you continue on your intended course.

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