The 2018 E-Class Coupe has enough advanced safety features packed into it to make even anxious drivers breathe a easier behind the wheel, but the only thing better than advanced safety features are standard advanced safety features. Luckily, the E-Class Coupe has plenty of those in store.

Let us dive into some of our other favorite standard safety features.

Active Brake Assist

Whether you're in danger of crashing into the vehicle ahead of you or you're about to back up too far into the stationary object behind you, this system can help you avoid a sticky situation. By using radar technology, Active Brake Assist can sense a potential collision by reading your speed and the distance of the thing you're likely to hit. The system will alert you so you can take action to avoid an accident.

As soon as your foot hits the brake, the system will provide the proper amount of braking to help you either avoid or reduce the effects of a collision. If for some reason you don't react, it can lay on the brakes automatically. Active Brake Assist can even react to crossing pedestrians at usual city speeds.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP)

Mercedes-Benz pioneered this breakthrough! One of the more sought-after safety features overall, ESP is designed to keep your coupe going in the right direction and help you maintain control on the road. Computer technology reads your driving inputs and keeps track of any understeering or fishtailing. Using this information, ESP can delegate braking power to specific wheels and dial back the engine power to help you keep your vehicle under your control.

Antilock Braking System (ABS)

This system can detect possible wheel lockup caused by slamming on the brakes. To help you maintain steering control during hard braking, ABS pumps the brakes up to 30 time per second. This helps you avoid uncontrolled skidding.

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